Strange Attractor #3-Riverway

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Strange Attractor #3-Riverway
41 in
41 in
(104 cm x 104 cm)
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While designing this piece, I felt a deep fear in my stomach. I was breaking away from techniques and structures that felt safe. I took the risk, going down an unknown path where my creative energies flourished.

“Strange Attractor #3—Riverway” is composed entirely of solid-colored fabric. I incorporated leftover “scraps” from earlier work whenever possible. My passion for intricate piecing, subtle variations in color, and organic textures and forms, results in ever-unfolding visual imagery. I am inspired by the interface between regular patterning and apparent randomness.

The Strange Attractor Series draws its name from mathematics and Chaos Theory. An “Attractor” is that which pulls you toward it, draws you to its core. “Strange” attractors have a fractal structure, a repeating pattern at all dimensions.
Hand-dyed and commercial cotton
Machine pieced, machine quilted