Strange Attractor #23

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Strange Attractor #23
60 in
72 in
(152 cm x 183 cm)
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Affectionately known as “The Brick Wall”, Strange Attractor #23 is open to many interpretations. Are there portals in the wall? Explosions atop it? Or passageways to another dimension?
The texture of the brick wall was created with a technique I have used many times in making units. When I began this piece, I did not know I was making a wall, but the coloration and proportions quickly suggested an identity for the construction.

Strange Attractor #23 is composed entirely of solid-colored fabric. I incorporated leftover “scraps” from earlier work whenever possible. My passion for intricate piecing, subtle variations in color, and organic textures and forms, results in ever-unfolding visual imagery. I am inspired by the interface between regular patterning and apparent randomness.

The Strange Attractor series was inspired by a kaleidoscope photo of an early quilt I made and Chaos Theory, from which it gets its name. Complexity and repetition continue to intrigue me.
Hand-dyed and commercial solid-colored cotton fabric.
Machine pieced and long-arm quilted.