Stand-Up Surfing, Dryland Version #2

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Stand-Up Surfing, Dryland Version #2
24 in
44.5 in
(61 cm x 113 cm)
Photo Credit
Photo Credit: José Morales, Xinia Productions
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Today we see them everywhere and at any time of the day or night, but in 2010 it was compelling to see people texting and using their cell phones to surf the internet while in waiting situations. I decided to record this emerging cultural shift, and eventually completed a series of six quilts, depicting people of various walks of life using their cell phones.

Concurrently, I also decided to revisit the principles of line quality--using line thickness and thinness to suggest shadow and volume, avoiding other techniques like cross-hatching. Thinking it might add to the quilt to embroider an imagined text conversation between this figure and her correspondent, I included their texts around the border.