Spool Quilt

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Spool Quilt
56 in
28 in
3 in
(142 cm x 71 cm x 8 cm)
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While working on an installation called "Threads: Gathering My Thoughts", I couldn't resist the dozens of spools that were left after I unraveled all the thread from them. A hair-brained idea occurred to me. These found thread spools were a perfect way to illustrate the new SAQA definition of an "art quilt". I intentionally made two separate layers of connected spools and then quilted the two, unique/found object layers together. The process of creating the work is blogged at: http://artbysusanlenz.blogspot.com/2014/08/spool-quilt.html. The work is meant to be suspended, allowing viewing from both sides and has been successfully exhibited in this fashion in local and national juried shows.
Repurposed plastic thread spools, wire, metal rod, and waxed linen thread
Hand stitched