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11 in
8.5 in
(28 cm x 22 cm)
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I made this self portrait in July of 2005, after four hurricanes had crisscrossed my home state of Florida the season before. We had had a lot of turmoil, debris, and worry to deal with. It was also the year I turned 50, and was beginning to get gray hair. In denial, I called it 'sparkle', which is the title of this piece. Although I was an Art teacher, I had never previously created a portrait in fabric, but Karey Bresenhan's invitation to make journal quilts inspired me to make this one. My grandmother's sister loved the portrait, but said that if I make another, I should smile. I told her I was really focusing on getting it right, by looking in the mirror, and that's why I look so serious.
Commercial fabrics, fusible, paint
Machine applique, machine quilting, painted shading and details, fused leaves, and metallic paint