Southland Odyssey

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Southland Odyssey
18 in
102 in
16 in
(46 cm x 259 cm x 41 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Conaughton
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Nature: my work often expresses curiosity, love and desire to preserve. I connect with distant geography - the far north - and different scale - microscopic. I was invited to participate in a quilt exhibition reflecting Southern California where I live. Exploring my own neighborhood, I found remarkable diversity from the surf zone, through disappearing wetlands, to our mountains' sky islands. In the desert, I found regions internally bio diverse, also made distinct from one another by elevation and rainfall differences. People have been here for centuries, some leaving rock art like the Nazca lines, others building cities. Today the Southland faces challenges familiar to us colonizers - not enough water - and unprecedented - warming and acidification of the ocean.
24 quilted panels mounted on plexiglass, Kraft-tex paper hinges, commercial and hand dyed cotton, eco felt, Lutradur.
Hand cut and fused appliqué, machine stitched, machine quilted, hand embroidered, hand cut plexiglass, panels and hinges glued to plexiglass.