Sonoran Monsoon

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Sonoran Monsoon
30 in
30 in
(76 cm x 76 cm)
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My journey into art quilting began three years ago with a move to Tucson, Arizona. The desert spoke to me; the Catalina Mountains grounded me. Soon I saw inspiration in the mighty Saguaro, Santa Rita Prickly Pear, and gangly Ocotillo. I began to depict desert scenes with mountains, washes, and desert flora and fauna.

Stand back to see the big picture—a preservation of the scene around me. Look closely, and you will see the rocks, sand, and brush of the desert floor; blooms budding on a prickly pear, a turtle or quail hiding under a bush. It isn’t until you take the close-up view that you see the true nature of the Sonoran Desert.
Cotton, cheesecloth
Appliquéd, free motion stitched, fabric painted, batiked, tea dyed