Sometimes You Can't See In

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Sometimes You Can't See In
34 in
47 in
(86 cm x 119 cm)
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This work was created as part of the series, "Home is What You Remember." My interest in this series is an exploration of memories of home, the journey from home, the parts of home we carry inside. This work, as well as others in the series, adopts a mix of simple, child-like views of home with more complex images. I love the simple form of the pointy-roof house that is characteristic of children’s drawings. The bright red roofs recall illustrations in children’s books. Other parts of the composition, however, are more complex. Photographic elements inhabit the interiors of the homes. They are things one would not expect to see inside a home: tree branches, water, reflections from the outside. My hope is to create an environment that speaks to the varied emotional experience of “home.” It is both real and unreal. Known and unknowable. Looking back, we may not see inside our homes accurately. Sometimes we cannot see inside at all.
Acrylic paints and mediums, cotton muslin, eco-felt (backing).
Gel medium transfer of original photographs, relief printing, wheat paste resist, monotype printing, stencils, direct painting. Collage construction. Machine stitching.