Soft Summer Gone

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Soft Summer Gone
98.5 in
98.5 in
(250 cm x 250 cm)
Photo Credit
Nick Dubecki
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(Courtesy of the International Quilt Museum)

The relentless passage of time, my response to personal relationships, and access to our inner world are three subjects that continue to interest me. My practice relies on a vocabulary of archetypal shape and the resonance and repetition found in poetry and music. I work slowly and in solitude, allowing the pieces to evolve and change through processes of destruction and re-creation. Most importantly, the work is grounded by the phenomenological idea that the sense of touch is the most effective way to connect emotionally with others.
Silk, locally sourced plants for dyes, silk embroidery floss, wool yarn
Hand dyed with local plant dyes, hand sewn with layered and tucked seams, hand embroidered as the hand quilting stitch.