Rille: Queen of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot

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Rille: Queen of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot
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This text is the story about my friend Rille, who died October 11, 2012, and about Hurricane Sandy, which formed 11 days after Rille died. Rille's birth name was Sandy.

I made the Queen of Wands (Wooden Spoons in my Kitchen Tarot deck) to show Rille, because Wands are all about creativity, and Wooden Spoons show cooking and stirring it up, which Rille was good at both.

She was in our local artists' group, and I always got a bang out of her feisty, unique personality. She was a real iconoclast, and her work was as wild as Rille herself. She created the full name Rille Bending Reeds and made it her legal name.

Hurricane Sandy was a creation of Climate Change, and we must now come together and start working to turn the world around, before it's too late.

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