Revisiting Jackson

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Revisiting Jackson
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William Lemke
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Revisiting Jackson won the Award for Most Innovative Use of the Medium by Friends of Fiber Art at Quilt National 2001, then toured until 2003.
I originally started making art as an abstract painter.Much of my fiber work involves the use of tiny fiber fragments, found objects, recycled materials and cast-offs, (remnants and discarded objects) bits of fabric, candy wrappers, fortune cookie fortunes, and safety pins. I enjoy the playful juxtaposition of hard metallic objects such as jewelry, paperclips, coins and hardware against the softer more luxurious nature of velvet, cotton and silk, satin and lace. I collect and incorporate items with interesting texture, color, or personal significance. Often I think of my work as a depository for the flotsam and jetsam of life. I enjoy the multiplicity and ambiguity of meanings, in my work, which invite the viewer to look further than just the riotous surface of things. Now I truly feel I am painting with fabric and thread.
Fused fiber fragments: Cottons, blends, silk, satin, lace, ribbons, rick-rack, cording, and trapped threads Sheer and tulle overlays. Found objects: notions, pins, stamps, jewelry, beads, toys, coins, candy wrappers, sequins, and paper clips; Cotton, rayon and metallic threads.
Heat bonded applique, collage, sheer overlay,machine stitching.

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