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(122 cm x 91 cm)
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This quilt was inspired by my nephew's photograph of a pond in Olonzac, France. I named it Reverie, which is a French word meaning a state of dreamy meditation or lost in thought. My goal was to capture the peace I felt when I looked at that photograph. Realistic interpretations of nature speak to me. I am passionate about the outdoors. I am an avid kayaker, photographer and traveler and when I walk into my studio, creating nature related pieces excites and challenges me.
100% cotton fabrics, a mix of realistic nature prints, hand dyed fabrics and batiks.
Metallic, rayon, cotton and polyester threads were used in the quilting.
This quilt took nine months to prepare - time spent collecting fabrics and deciding how I was going to make it so that I could capture the feeling of the original photograph. Actual construction took less than three weeks (long days however!). It is entirely fused. The background was made first. I made the swan separately and quilted it before placing it on top of the background. Then the entire quilt was machine quilted on my home sewing machine and the single bead droplet from the beak added.