Restored Legacy

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Restored Legacy
46 in
44 in
3 in
(117 cm x 112 cm x 8 cm)
Photo Credit
John Bonath
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This dimensional and layered work is part of my rusted series on ancient messages that deals with the remains of culture, art, and language that we continue to re-discover around the world. Being Lithuanian born, and having Sanskrit as the closest ancestral link to my native language, such discoveries bring special meaning to me and an appreciation for the artistry of surviving marks on stone, scrolls and ruins. I used the medium of rusting, both with found metals and red oxides, not just to extend the metaphor for ancient remains, but also as a direct reference to iron oxide as one of Man's original art and marking materials.
Cotton, wood platform
Rusted with found objects and oxides, soy wax resisted, pieced, appliqu├ęd, layered, painted, stitched and burned