Recycling Plastic is a Myth

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Recycling Plastic is a Myth
34 in
42.5 in
(86 cm x 108 cm)
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Since the dawn of recycling, we have been taught that plastic is recyclable, and that recycling is up to the individual. This is a myth. In reality, 80% of plastic goes to landfills or is sold and shipped overseas, polluting oceans and beaches worldwide. Twelve percent of plastic is incinerated, emitting toxic, cancer-causing fumes in poor communities. Less than 8% of plastic is recycled. The problem lies not with the consumer, but with the fossil fuel industries who continue to make the plastic. Plastic waste is strangling our planet and contributing greatly to climate change. REFUSE—REUSE plastic.
Commercially printed, screen printed, machine appliquéd, machine stitched

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