Rainy Day Ballet

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Rainy Day Ballet
43 in
34 in
(109 cm x 86 cm)
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Rain in the Big City creates a kind of sidewalk ballet. Dancers perform rapid, leaping steps trying to avoid colliding with other dancers and splashing in unforeseen puddles.

The joyful choreographed steps of the tiny ballerina's production Swan Lake reminds us to slow down and relish the lost childhood gifts of imagination on a rainy day.

Dancers perform to a ballad of frenzied rain drops hitting surfaces each with a unique lyrical note, windshield wipers on cars beat steady rhythms, while wind sweeping through alleyways and over roof tops provides the colorful tones of a wood wind section.

Rainy days challenge us to witness the grand performance created by overlooked gathering of elements that surround us in our haste to stay dry.
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, black silk organza, tear shaped buttons, glass seed beads
Machine appliqu├ęd and quilted