Pigments and Fibers

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Pigments and Fibers
45 in
26 in
(114 cm x 66 cm)
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Pigments and fibers have been used by humans since prehistoric times to create habitats, art, clothing, and more. As we progressed, so did our ability to improve the materials we used to create art. This piece examines a microscopic view of pigment carried in a clear medium to create paint. Early artists used ground pigments suspended in oils or water. Modern technology has allowed us to create a variety of carriers that suspend color molecules to make a plethora of art materials. A magnified view of spun fibers reveals the twists and frays that are not seen with the naked eye. As a mixed media artist, it has been fascinating to examine images of these materials under high magnification for the inspiration to create this artwork.
Cotton, recycled bed sheet, silk organza, yarn, paint, pencil, other art materials
Hand dyed, laminated, twisted, couched, hand and machine stitched