Packaging the Future: A Global Opportunity

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Packaging the Future: A Global Opportunity
40 in
31 in
4 in
(102 cm x 79 cm x 10 cm)
Photo Credit
Allison Larimore
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It is my hope this project will spark a global conversation. What if Amazon and the wool industry could utilize the world’s oldest textile to mitigate global dependence on the plastics used in today’s packaging? Large and small producers of wool impact their local economies directly from sales, and indirectly through the development of supportive businesses that help sustain rural communities.

I hope that viewers’ curiosity is sparked when they see the list of international wool producers. They include Ryan Mahoney, a fifth generation, “verified climate beneficial” rancher. I believe the use of wool in packaging would have a significant positive global impact. It is worthy of a conversation. I hope that instead of hearing, “Yes, but…” someone will say, “Yes, what if?”
Upcycled shipping envelopes, wool roving, thread, shipping labels, packing tape, PVC piping, wood, engraved metal name plate
Wet felted, needle felted, machine quilted, hand stitched, digitally surface designed