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42 in
42 in
(107 cm x 107 cm)
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I want girls to be seen. I want their experiences and memories to validated. This work is part of a series depicting the journeys and the inner lives of girls. I am drawn to the rich, narrative capabilities of textile artwork. The inspiration for this piece was the discarded windows. They were in a corner of my sister's garden, overgrown and overlooked. They seemed full of potential - beautiful in the sunlight. But, as evidenced by the weeds growing over and through them, they were overlooked. I used this image as a metaphor for the experience of the girl. In the garden, even in her prettiest party dress, she also feels overlooked. The lush, abundant foliage, both in the photo and in the surface design, contrasts with the girl's unrealized potential.
Acrylic paint, sheer polyester, muslin, ecofelt
Transfer of photographic image to fabric, hand printing of fabrics (stenciled, relief print, resist print, monotype), drawing, direct painting with acrylics, collage construction, machine stitching