Nude on Chair

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Nude on Chair
42 in
31 in
(107 cm x 79 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Miller
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This piece was sold in 1977 and returned to me in 2010. I was amazed to see how different my fabric art was then. The background had not been quilted, just tacked, so to keep it from sagging further I machine quilted it. In "those days" there was no fusible web, decorative threads, free motion stitching or groups to learn from. I worked in a vacuum until the mid-80's. I was involved in the Women's Movement and doing traditional things like sewing was frowned upon. I eventually chose my art over politics because of this
Crepe de Chine, Satin, and embroidery floss
Hand embroidery, hand and machine stitching, turned edge applique, trapunto and machine quilted in 2010.