in nomine Patris

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in nomine Patris
24 in
29 in
(61 cm x 74 cm)
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This quilt was inspired by medieval illuminated prayer books, specifically the Small Book of Hours of the Duke of Berry and the Book of Hours of the Marshal of Boucicaut. I'm drawn to the slowness of the text in these works: the deliberate nature of line and character which, when combined with the unfamiliar Latin, merge to form pictorial prayers.

Such a contrast to the transient, careless treatment we so often give text today. What sentiments are worthy of such lasting treatment? Adoration, supplication, meditation? Here, in tribute to the home of my heart, are rhythmic excerpts from the Psalms of David, "O Lord, thou wilt open my lips and my mouth shall declare thy praise" [Ps 50(51):17] and "I have lifted up my eyes to the mountains, from whence help shall come to me" [Ps 120(121):1].