A Nation Wept

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A Nation Wept
40 in
32 in
(102 cm x 81 cm)
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Lady Liberty is perhaps the most recognized architectural woman in the world. Symbolizing a union of liberty, freedom, and democracy, she resides in the waters of New York Harbor.
9/11 was a surprise attack on America against the very foundation for which the Nation stands. Such an unspeakable attack, so much grief--America forever lost her sense of security and well being.
Lady Liberty is seen here with her guard down; she is stripped down to the strength of her battle gear comprised of steel girders. After shedding her tears, she stands strong, representing a Nation united.
This is a commemorative quilt in honor of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.
cotton, tulle, dyed dryer sheets, angelina
Machine appliqued, machine quilted, machine embellished