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Nancy's Garden
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Nancy's Garden is a piece that has history in many ways for me. I began it as a monthly art exchange with an artist friend who was far away. Unable to continue with this plan, it sat unfinished for a long time until it beckoned to me. It is meant to be a very personal view into the growth of my garden and my floral loves. I have had many gardens in my life and each time I move, my beloved perennials move into a different garden. Every time I see them bloom I am reminded of the constancy of life. It is also a metaphor on change. In the time it took me to work through this piece many life changes occurred affecting the outcome of the work. Finished after I started using fusibles to create my work, this is the first of my pieces of substance completed by fusing, with satin stitching and heavily embellished with beads. The nine sections were created separately and assembled with beads strung between them.
Commercial cotton, silk, rayon, polyester, velvet and acetate; Hand painted silk; beads; sunflower petals dried in plastic.
Fabrics are fused and machine quilted; some fabric was hand painted; nine sections were worked separately and heavily beaded. The whole piece was assembled with beads between segments.

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