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49 in
49 in
(124 cm x 124 cm)
Photo Credit
Mark Steighner
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Forever emblazed in my mind are TV images of the 2020 lockdown in Europe due to the deadly Coronavirus. Watching the suffering in Italy with horror, I witnessed something I will never forget. A lonely man quarantined in his apartment was standing in an open window, playing his violin. It was a beautiful but eerie sight as he played to the empty streets, knowing that others could hear. Soon many Italians were singing and playing instruments from their balconies, windows, and stoops, sending encouragement and love to each other, to the medical professionals, the EMTs, and essential workers. Musica is based on this vision. The whole world has suffered and grieved, needing encouragement and love. How better to meet that need than through the universal language of music!
Hand-dyed fabric, upcycled clothing, ethnic fabrics, scraps, silk
Appliqu├ęd, free motion quilted