Mingling With the Sacred

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Mingling With the Sacred
12 in
12 in
(30 cm x 30 cm)
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A personal narrative of some of the touchstones of my life’s journey across America and back again.

The foundation is machine pieced ecoprints on various fabrics to which I layered fused sections of ecoprints and digitally altered photos on fabrics – some partially handpainted. I stenciled dragonflies and printed a handcarved softblock with acrylic paint with added painted touches. One commercial stamp is used and I added some asemic writing with acrylic ink. Free motion stitching emphasizes line and adds to the value contrast. The last touch was to add a “prayer bundle” that was made in the very beginning to appeal to the Muses for inspiration for my ideas to take flight.
Mixed media: fabric, paper, print, photo printed on fabric, fibers.
Hand carved and printed images, hand made stencils, my photographs digitally altered, eco-printed cotton.