Milkweed and Hummingbirds

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Milkweed and Hummingbirds
33 in
49 in
(84 cm x 124 cm)
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Photos I took of milkweed plants in bloom and hummingbirds inspired this quilt. I knew that milkweed attracted monarch butterflies, but was surprised to learn that hummingbirds also love to drink the nectar. I sketched out the pattern for the leaves and bright flowers, setting them against a black and dark-green background for contrast. Using my photos of broad-tailed hummingbirds, I created prints on fabric and thread painted to show the shimmering colors of their feathers.
Commercial cotton prints and batiks, inks, inkjet printable cotton for birds
Fused raw edge machine appliqué, thread painted, digitally printed, free motion machine embroidered and quilted, ink painted