The Marriage

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The Marriage
96 in
84 in
0.5 in
(244 cm x 213 cm x 1 cm)
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In 1984 I along with many other artists making quilts at that time was invited to create work on a large scale for an exhibition of quilts. The venues would be large, the aspirations were high and the final acceptance would be after the work was completed.
My 25th wedding anniversary was coming up. The feminist movement was in full flower. I took this opportunity to observe and comment on marriage at that time. For all the rhetoric, I did not see many equal partnerships. I did hope that this installation of 2 quilts would add to the dialogue in a meaningful way.
The exhibition first opened in Los Angeles at Barnsdale Park. I went down to give a talk in the gallery. The afternoon started casually at first. The audience grew and soon everyone became very involved in what turned out to be a grand argument, I do remember that the position of Man in front of Woman was the most controversial.
cotton, parachute cloth, metallic, miscellaneous
layered applique, machine pieced, hand applique, painted and dyed, hand and machine quilted