Marée du Soir - Tides #4

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Marée du Soir - Tides #4
30 in
30 in
(76 cm x 76 cm)
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The interest in the tides is not so much the marks they leave than their movement due to the wind, the sand or the stone composition of the shore or the weather conditions. It is what appears and stays for a moment.

They are about ephemera moving lines from a far distance dying down the shore; the lines left on the sand are then covered up again. It is like memories which may change as time passes by.

The up and down of the tides are a reminder of Penelope weaving and unweaving, waiting, looking at the passing of time. The pull and push of the tide is like the needle in a piece of cloth.
Fabric, paint
Machine pieced and quilted, hand painted