Lindisfarne Revisited - 2011

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Lindisfarne Revisited - 2011
79 in
77 in
0.25 in
(201 cm x 196 cm x 1 cm)
Photo Credit
Luke Watson
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This work was created from being in the special place of Lindisfarne or Holy Island, in Northumberland, UK. It is not far from our home in the Scottish Borders. The Lindisfarne landscape has a very special atmosphere, wide open landscape of huge areas of sand and sea. In this fabric collage, I have attempted to echo the atmosphere of layers of time and space, found in this place.
(In the collection of the Shipley Art Gallery, Tyne & Wear Museums, UK. Purchased with the help of the ArtFund UK.)
Fine silks and cottons, various weights.
Pleated, painted, collaged, mostly hand stitched throughout.