The Light Within

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The Light Within
30 in
42 in
(76 cm x 107 cm)
Photo Credit
Donna Radner
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This work is part of a series of pleated strip quilts inspired by the slot canyons of the western United States. I developed this technique in order to simulate the striations in these rocks and canyons and to create the feeling of visual depth when looking at the work. In this piece, the viewer is inside the canyon surrounded by walls of rock with light coming in from above.
Hand dyed cotton fabrics, batik cotton fabrics, cotton batting and machine quilting thread.
Hand dyed fabric is fused with Wonder Under, then cut in curvy strips which are pleated individually to form the units which make up the work. The pleated strips are then overlapped and arranged on a design wall to form a collage, which is fused, then machine quilted.