Life is Complicated

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Life is Complicated
12 in
20 in
20 in
(30 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm)
Photo Credit
Greg Anderson
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Life is Complicated speaks to issues that people struggle with in life. Seven vessels surround a central form, each one representing a topic that I have experienced or witnessed loved ones struggling with. These issues are addiction, physical health, mental health, religion, food, employment, and education. The coping strategies of love, compassion, determination, learning, planning, and self-care are worked into the central vessel and spill over onto the base.

The purpose of my work is to encourage viewers to better understand both the challenges we face and the variety of help and support available. Only by looking deeply into the hearts and minds—the vessels—of
our friends and family, can we begin to understand the struggles they are experiencing.
Paper, acrylic paint, waxed linen, plaited