Lichen North

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Lichen North
42 in
43 in
(107 cm x 109 cm)
Photo Credit
Eric Nancarrow
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Lichen North connects 50 years of wilderness explorations to my fascination with how art and science relate. Out in the country, at the pace of my feet or my paddle, I see small things and record them in sketches and thousands of photos. I study my tiny friends with botanical keys and monographs, relating my sketches and photos to scientific drawings, especially Ernst Haeckel’s work. Plant and cell forms are drawn and traced in various sizes to proportionally fit the motif I am constructing. I dye and print most of my fabrics, often using experimental patterns and color combinations. Heavy quilting and machine embroidery provide the finishing details.
Dyed, hand cut, fused appliqué, machine stitched, machine quilted