Let's go to the Quilt Show

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Let's go to the Quilt Show
27 in
33 in
(69 cm x 84 cm)
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Textile is my passion, it lends itself to infinite possibilities of expression.
When an idea comes to mind, it has to whirl around in my head before I start working. The rest is very intuitive.
I use all sorts of surface design techniques. Starting with many tiny pieces of fabric, felt and yarn, and colourful machine-threads I 'paint' my designs. I like to combine this with stencilling, stamping and needle-felting. My work constantly evolves as I find new images in my imagination and develop the techniques to create them in cloth.

Let's go to the Quilt Show
Going to a quilt show gives me a lot of inspiration and positive energy. I always have a feeling of happy anticipation. It's great to see the colourful quilts, to be immersed in the ongoing buzz, meeting old friends and getting to know new people. Let's go to the Quilt Show!
I decided to make a quilt with colourful people, who are all going to the quilt show.
I used commercial cottons, applique, free motion stitching, quilting.
assorted cottons
applique,free motion stitching, quilting