Lepidopteran #5:

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Lepidopteran #5:
48 in
48 in
(122 cm x 122 cm)
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This design was inspired by a small photo of a green moth which I had saved for many years in my "inspiration" file.

Rather than copy the photo, I studied the colors and patterns of the moth, analyzing what had made me want to save the photo in the first place. Then I used some of these patterns and colors to create a completely abstract design.

Some of the fabrics were hand dyed. The rest are from the various collections of fabric I have designed for Benartex, and are based on my hand-painted originals. I also added ink and pencil in some areas. The back of the quilt is a single piece of hand-painted sheeting.

The quilting was done with dozens of different colors of thread, creating additional patterns and shading to compliment the overall design.
dye, ink, pencil, fabric:100% cotton � batting: 50% cotton 50% bamboo � thread: polyester & acrylic
Hand dyed, machine pieced, and quilted