Ladies of Steel

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Ladies of Steel
11.7 in
7 in
(30 cm x 18 cm)
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I want to celebrate New Years Eve as it should be celebrated with fireworks and crackers! I don�t give a damn about dog-owners who want to forbid it because they have nervous dogs. As a human being I think I have at least the same value as a dog. We are ladies of steel also because part of the embroidery is made by japanese wool mixed with stainless steel! And River Dancing!
Fabrics, sequins and buttons. reusing an old towel.
Artquilt and embroidery. To make the face you take a piece of paper and a pencil, stand up, close your eyes and make a drawing of your face. Then put the drawing on the quilt, machine-sew with very small stitches, remove the paper and embroider , following the small stitches!