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64 in
81 in
(163 cm x 206 cm)
Photo Credit
James Dewrance
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Labyrinth was inspired by the ever-increasing, bewildering, complexity of life.

I have been a full time studio artist since graduating from San Francisco State University, in 1979, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Textiles. I have explored many different mediums over the years, but arashi-shibori dyeing has been a constant influence, inspiration and passion. Even though I have been exploring the technique for decades it never fails to excite me when the amazing patterns and designs emerge magically from the dye pot.

Labyrinth was the first piece in which I began to explore itajime-shibori. Instead of using pleats of fabric to resist the dye, I used actual olive leaves from my garden, secured to the surface of the silk, to resist a discharge agent from removing color (black). The resulting leaf patterns were just what I was looking for and I have continued to explore this process using other types of leaves.
Thai silk and silk charmeuse facing, raw silk lining, organic cotton batting.
Arashi shibori and Itajime shibori dyed, discharged, pieced, quilted.