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53 in
53 in
(135 cm x 135 cm)
Photo Credit
Doug Conley
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When recently visiting Aztec National Monument in northern New Mexico, I was mesmerized by the large kiva rebuilt at this historical site. The kiva was once the center of spiritual activity. As I gazed at the beautiful pattern in the ceiling and the extraordinary workmanship, I wondered what happened to these ancient peoples. They had a thriving culture spread throughout the southwestern United States, from small farming communities to large cultural centers, but by the late 1200s they were gone. Though scientists have tried to explain their sudden disappearance, theories change. They came, they built, they thrived, and they moved on. Exploring the recreation of their vacated home, I felt a connection. I tried to incorporate the intricate patterns in their kivas as a way to explore this shifting of time.
Machine pieced, free motion quilted

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