Kaleidoscopic XXXIX: Right and Wrong Sides Together

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Kaleidoscopic XXXIX: Right and Wrong Sides Together
45 in
85 in
(114 cm x 216 cm)
Photo Credit
Jean Vong
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The left kaleidoscope was pieced traditionally by sewing the right sides of the fabric together. The patches of the right kaleidoscope are identical to the left one but pieced sewing the wrong sides of the patches together. A single layer of black tulle covers the right kaleidoscope.

My signature style is to camouflage seams and create seemingly seamless connections. This encourages an uninterrupted flow of design or color from one patch to the next. The viewer's eye does not see the seam and stop. Instead the result is a smooth transition from patch to patch with the illusion that there is no seam at all. Seamless techniques draw the audience physically closer to the quilt surface, inviting inspection of its organization. What reads from a distance as an integrated whole is discovered to be a highly patched work.
Cotton fabrics designed by the artist with the exception of the batiks and netting
Machine pieced and quilted