Judith Content - Wrack Line (After the Storm)

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Judith Content - Wrack Line (After the Storm)
9 ft
2.5 ft
0.3 in
(1 cm)
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The wrack line is a coastal feature where kelp, seaweed, shells, beach stones and all sorts of debris are cast up onto the beach at high tide. Wrack lines are temporal features and vary in size and duration depending on wave and storm activity. They stabilize the beach, provide nutrition and protection for sea creatures and are a vital part of the coastal ecosystem. This composition "Wrack Line (After the Storm) reimagines the wrack line strewn with a colorful collection of otherworldly elements, dazzling in the sun, after the storm subsides and the tide retreats.
Shibori dyed and discharged quilted and hand-stitched silks, batting, fiberfill, watercolor paper.