The Journey

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The Journey
71 in
41 in
1.5 in
(180 cm x 104 cm x 4 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Miller
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I did this in 3 layers to depict the journey these women ( a mother and her 2 grown daughters) might have taken. I knew them in Mexico and wondered what would happen should they decide to migrate from their village to the USA. In the back layer is a village in the steep hill country where they and the humming birds live.On the center layer is the rugged land that many walk through to get past the fence to the USA. The front layer, on organza has the women as I knew them but now they are in some big city where they don't belong. They remember where they came from and wish they had not made the trip. The humming birds make this crossing every year as a normal part of their lives
my hand dyed fabrics, sheer fabric, organza and sheet vinyl
The back layer is raw edge appliqued and machine quiltedwith hand dyed fabrics. The middle layer is also done this way except that the top 3rd is made of lavender glittered sheer fabric so that the village shows through. The top layer is sun dyed organza with brick pattern drawn with permanent felt tip pen. Inserted windows are sheet vinyl with organza frames. The 3 women are done in hand dyed fabrics, machine stitched and appliqued onto the organza. The humming birds fly through all 3 layers