Jewels of Kenya

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Jewels of Kenya
45 in
33 in
(114 cm x 84 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Berman
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The concept, interpretation and characteristics of beauty are remarkably different from country to country, across continents, and even within tribunal communities. This piece celebrates the vivid, colorful personalities of young Turkana women living in Northern Kenya, who continue to adhere to tribal and cultural traditions which have been handed down for generations, including specific courting and marriage rituals. Their hairstyles, the importance of their multi-beaded necklaces, and rows of bracelets, are relevant indicators of their status within the community, especially to prospective husbands, a highly competitive process. The expressive eyes and bright smiles of these women, exude a dynamic aura, with a beauty that transcends any standard. (Original images courtesy Dietmar Temps, with permission.)
Cotton fabric, procion dyes, silkscreen materials, fusible web, textile inks, foils, textile paint, metallic, rayon and cotton threads.
Hand silkscreened images on hand dyed fabric, foiled, painted; machine pieced and quilted.