Jacuzzi Jazz #2

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Jacuzzi Jazz #2
48 in
48 in
(122 cm x 122 cm)
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Jacuzzi Jazz #2 is my second quilt inspired by a spiraling fractal. My hand-drawn, pencil-and-ink design was scanned into the computer and colored in Corel Draw. I designed a custom, light-to-dark, colored rectangle for each of the pointed petal shapes, which gradate from deep purple, through the warm half of the color wheel on one side and through the cool colors on the other side. The colored rectangles were printed by Spoonflower, and the shapes were cut from the custom fabric. The entire design was drawn on freezer paper and cut up to make templates. Bud shapes were pieced and appliquéd in contrasting colors, using fabrics from my Gradations collection for Benartex. The patterned background fabrics are from my "Color Flow" collection and they also gradate through the spectrum, beginning with the same green in opposite corners. The spirals strands that separate the two sides of the design alternate between black and gray, and get lighter as they spin toward the center.
Cotton, wool batting, thread, ink
Hand drawn, digitally painted, digitally printed, machine pieced, machine appliquéd, machine quilted