Interior Design

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Interior Design
33.5 in
24 in
(85 cm x 61 cm)
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Interior Design represents the tissue layers in our bodies. They have barriers that allow some things through but keep others contained, much like the masks we wear to help prevent the spread of viruses. We harbor many microorganisms which maintain our bodily functions when they are in balance and in the appropriate location. If they get into the wrong part of our bodies, they can cause disease.

This piece also represents the barriers between people. Some obstructions have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. These might take the form of distance, a phone line, computer screen, window, or wall—anything which prevents us from physically touching. Some are barriers of understanding. When we look beyond our fences, we have much in common with those on the other side.
Cotton, ink blocks, cord
Raw-edge appliquéd, fused appliqué, hand embroidered, free motion quilted, watercolor painted, cord wrapped