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48.5 in
36.5 in
2 in
(123 cm x 93 cm x 5 cm)
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Flavia Raddavero
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Sooner or later, we all have to position ourselves in front of our family and cultural heritage. In this work, the legacy is represented by a large coat, made of odds and ends, a coat that passes through all eras, which carries the history of several generations. My ancestors were forced to be always on the move, to flee, to settle in foreign countries, change name and language. This coat represents my lineage. After having refused for a long time, I decided to carry my heritage coat: raise the collar, push the arms, accept. On the road, however, we realize that there is not our only suitcase to carry but that we also drag the suitcases of others, people who did not have the opportunity and the chance to fulfill their life as they wished and who place all their hope in us: to remember that their life, their knowledge, their experiences were not in vain and do not disappear. This acceptance and awareness also make it possible to understand, open and release certain suitcases.
Fabric, felt, Lutradur, plastic, lace, cardboard, paper, paint, water-soluble film
Painted, stenciled, hand pieced and embroidered