Heated Conversations

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Heated Conversations
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Larry Berman
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The tide rolls in and recedes, seasons change with a predictable rhythm, and the sun rises and sets, often with dramatic results. Such is also the nature of human relationships, and the complexity of human connection has always fascinated me. Love affairs, friends, even family, fade, and then return, or disappear forever. These fragile and emotional bonds affect our present, future, and past memories.

The passage of time becomes a reflection of years of intricate and intimate feelings and conversations. Regardless of age, culture, race, religion, or geography, human interaction is the same—challenging and ever changing. And heat can occur at any moment.
Cotton, silkscreen materials, dyes, textile ink, fusible web. (Original images courtesy Dietmar Temps, with permission.)
Hand silkscreened images on hand dyed fabric; machine pieced and quilted, fused accents

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