Gulf PunkPump & Popcorn Machine

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Gulf PunkPump & Popcorn Machine
49 in
24 in
(124 cm x 61 cm)
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I imagine the Gulf PunkPump & Popcorn Machine taking a stately stance at the entrance of a futuristic car show. Adults can admire and chat about the vintage looking gas pump with the low-cost fuel while kids marvel or make popcorn. Of course, the popcorn machine offers plain popcorn, but salt, butter, and spicy buttons can also be selected. The goldfish supplies entertainment while waiting for the popcorn. When the popcorn bin is full, the handle can be cranked down to get the premium popcorn and enjoy it. The machine is part of a PunkPump series. I call them my "CartReals,” which are images that are part cartoon and part realistic for all to reminisce.
Cotton, tulle, fabric dyes and pens, pencils
Digitally designed, printed, pieced, fused, machine embroidered, painted, drawn, machine quilted