Grasshopper Path

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Grasshopper Path
29 in
46 in
(74 cm x 117 cm)
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Studies show a decrease in the insect population. Agricultural practices pose a threat to many insect species, including pollinators. Where are the uncontaminated grasslands? Where can grasshoppers jump freely, caressed by the wind, without the need to zigzag between invisible threats?

Safe havens for insects remain in places that have no practical scope for humans. This zigzag path was the inspiration for Grasshopper Path. It is dedicated to the site named “Magredi” (which means skinny grassland), located in the northeast of Italy and protected by the European Union, thanks to the actions of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In the Magredi zone there is a ban on human activity. With protective action, even grasslands can become a safe site.
Patchwork pieced, quilted