Globe Thistle

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Globe Thistle
35 in
24 in
(89 cm x 61 cm)
Photo Credit
Pat Baum-Bishop
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Globe Thistle is my interpretation of the plant I photographed at a garden walk, it was the first time I had even seen one. This quilt has won many awards both in quilt and fine art venues. This was one of my early art quilts and started my journey into the greater art quilt world. It was my first entry into the IQA International Quilt Festival in Houston, which I had never heard of before being told I should enter it there. It garnered Second Place in the Nature category in 2007. I attended that year to accept the award and joined SAQA, not knowing what benefits it would provide. I now know how valuable SAQA can be. Thank you SAQA for all the opportunities and experiences I have enjoyed because of my membership.
Commercial fabrics.
Fused and machine quilted.