Gelatin Dessert Delite

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Gelatin Dessert Delite
37.5 in
41.5 in
(95 cm x 105 cm)
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I am fascinated by the way we adapt to change and are continually reconfigured by our experiences and the world’s influences. This piece relates to our intimate relationship with food, including its role in celebrations and personal relationships. I’ve discovered new food traditions in Idaho and Utah, where gelatin is served as both a salad and dessert. Utahans consume twice the amount of lime gelatin (the official state snack) as any other place on the planet. I am intrigued by this intense love of cheery, bright, and unnaturally colored gelatin. Gelatin Dessert Delite is inspired by wonderful vintage cookbooks that incorporate gelatin into every course of a meal and social situation. I pay homage to the gelatin mold in all of its colorful glory!
Cotton, fabric paint, dye, batik fabric
Dyed, soy wax batiked, painted, screen printed, stenciled, machine quilted