Gail Naughton - Weeping Oak

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Gail Naughton - Weeping Oak
168 in
45 in
(427 cm x 114 cm)
Photo Credit
David Van Allen
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What does an oak feel when it is blown down? On August 10, 2020, 150+ year old oaks in our yard were felled by hurricane force winds. These trees had witnessed earlier inhabitants of our forested land and the growth of our homes and families. I imagined they would weep for the loss of their beauty and their place as sentinels of our history. I laid a piece of fabric on the grass, dyed it in situ and hung it from a limb that only a few days earlier had soared into the air, watching over us. The tree’s tears joined with ours as we mourned the loss of our glorious friends.
Cotton, Procion MX dyes