Flower Hat Jelly

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Flower Hat Jelly
40.5 in
43 in
(103 cm x 109 cm)
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My designs are inspired by animals at the Tennessee Art Quilts Unfoldingarium, where I volunteer as a docent. I capture and highlight the brilliance of nature’s designs by abstracting my favorite features of particular animals. I hope to inspire viewers to take a second look at the natural wonders around them.

Our oceans are home to hundreds of thousands of species, many of which have yet to be discovered. Warming waters threaten much of that marine life, and the human impact on climate change is undeniable. Simple actions such as eliminating plastic straws and plastic shopping bags from our everyday lives can have a huge impact on the health and well-being of the sea and all who live in it.
Machine pieced, appliquéd, free motion quilted